Getting Started

Thanks so very much for choosing ISY994 Series as your automation platform.

Amazon Echo/IFTTT Integration!

You can now talk to your ISY using Amazon Echo or have IFTTT events trigger ISY devices, scenes, programs, and state variable!

Quick Start:

- If you have a ISY994 ZW Series (Z-Wave enabled ISY), please do ensure that:
— The nodule is active: Please go to Help | About, under Product listing, you should see Z-Wave (21100). If you don’t, please send a screenshot of Help | About to with subject “Activate Z-Wave Module”
— Once you have verified that Z-Wave module is active, please make sure to factory reset the Z-Wave dongle in your ISY before adding any devices
- If you have a MAC and having difficulties, please peruse This Article First!
- Please start with our step-by-step Quick Start Guides
- You may also find our Instruction Videos quite useful
- If you are migrating from another ISY, please follow our easy and step-by-step Migration Guide
- We continually enhance and add exciting features (such as Amazon Echo) on a regular basis. So, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook
- Please don’t forget to Register Your ISY to receive important enhancements, updates and upgrade information


Java and Admin Console are only required for configuring ISY. For command/control/cameras using any browser or mobile device, you can simply use ISY’s Web Interface by pointing your browser to:
- http://your-isy-ip-address e.g.
- On Windows Systems: http://isy

User Guides:

- Once you are ready to delve deeper into ISY’s feature rich programming, please consult our downloadable and Complete User Guide
- Our User Guide is also available Online

Optional Modules:

Incorporate and integrate such things as Amazon Echo (talk to your ISY!), climate conditions, irrigation control, security system, and network attached devices with your ISY! Simply go to Admin Console | Help | Purchase Modules.
For more information, please visit our Wiki.


At Universal Devices, Customer Service is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us in case we can be of assistance.


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